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A Just Resolution was reached in the complaint pending against Rev. Andrew Stanton Ensz and an agreement was signed by all parties on June 5, 2023. The complaint against Rev. Ensz was made after he performed a same-gender wedding on September 21, 2019, a ministerial act prohibited by Book of Discipline Paragraph 341.6. 

Parties to this process were the Rev. Clark Cundiff, Church Counsel, representative of The Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church; Complainant Rev. Amanda Miller Garber; Respondent Rev. Ensz; and Counsel for the Respondent Rev. Lauren Lobenhofer. 

All parties are grateful to have reached a resolution, especially as Rev. Ensz remained under complaint for more than 1,300 days. Together as a conference, they hope there can be a refocus on the Church’s public witness to those seeking God’s grace and love and on serving others. 

The Clergy Session of the 2023 Virginia Annual Conference will receive a report about the process pursued in this complaint and its cost to the Annual Conference.

This statement is offered jointly from the Virginia Conference of The United Methodist Church under the episcopal leadership of Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson and the Rev. Drew Ensz and other represented parties of the Just Resolution agreement. 

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