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TO:               Council of Bishops, The United Methodist Church

FROM:         Bishop Bruce R. Ough,  COB Executive Secretary 

RE:               Contributions to Support Ukraine

Dear Colleagues:

We continue to watch the unfolding Russian invasion of Ukraine with great alarm and deep concern for the Ukrainian people.  Our prayers are constant and urgent.

Many of you have asked about the ways to help the people of Ukraine and to support our United Methodist witness in Ukraine.  We have received word from Bishop Khegay that the best way to provide financial support is to contribute through the Global Ministries Advance for Eurasia and designate your gift for Ukrainian Assistance.  Following is a link to the Eurasia Advance information:

Further, Bishop Khegay strongly suggests not sending funds directly to individual pastors or congregations to best assist him and the Eurasia Area Office in their efforts to coordinate and direct partner support to address the most critical needs in the most strategic locations.  Bishop Khegay reports that our churches in Ukraine are using funds to help refugees and the poor impacted by the war.

Thank you for your unceasing prayers, generous contributions, and support for Bishop Khegay and our churches in Ukraine at this critical moment.

Grace and peace,

Bishop Bruce Ough

You can help the church in Ukraine provide for neighbors

UMCOR will provide assistance as possible to United Methodists in Ukraine by responding to the needs of internally displaced persons through its International Disaster Response and Recovery (IDR) fund. Gifts to support the people of Ukraine can be made in the following ways:

  • Online at
  • By toll-free telephone: 888-252-6174
  • By check made out to Global Ministries/UMCOR with “Advance #982450-Ukraine” written on the memo line, either mailed and addressed to Global Ministries/UMCOR, GPO, P.O. Box 9068, New York, NY, 10087-9068 or given at or through any United Methodist church

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Prayer for Ukraine,  Rev. Oleg & Yulia Starodubets, District Superintendent of Ukraine United Methodist Church


O God of All Nations, God of Ukraine, God of Leaders, God of Refugees,

We gather together this evening to lift our voices and cry out to you. We gather together to stand in solidarity with our siblings in Ukraine. We gather to speak out on behalf of those who have fled and seek safe haven.

 Lord Jesus,  Come and be present in our midst. Come and bind us together. Come and hear our laments over the war in Ukraine. Give us hearts for those who are suffering, those who are afraid, those who struggle to stay alive moment to moment..

 Holy Spirit, anoint those of us who are here both in-person and virtually, that we may be instruments of Your peace, that we may be champions of Your justice, that we may be  bringers of Your hope.

 We pray in the name of God, who loves us all, in the name of Jesus, who is the Prince of Peace, and in the name of the Holy Spirit who quickens us for change. 


Written by Rev. Laura Stratton
Pastor, Mount Zion UMC (Esmont), and Scottsville UMC 

One: As Christians, we believe the Church is the hope of peace given to us by God. 

Many: As its members, we bear witness to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Another:: As children of God we know we are to live with our neighbor:

Many: Not to divide, but unite, not to expel, but to accept, not to betray, but to repent.

One: No matter the language we speak, nor the home ground beneath our feet,

Many: We are invited to embody Christ’s posture of service, love, and sacrifice.

Another:: Photos, posts, and videos bear witness to the severing of the “ties that bind.”

Many: And we bear witness to Christ’s presence in the midst of this severing.

One: A child born in the Kyiv metro, his mother sheltering them both from shells.

Many: Christ is sheltering alongside them.

Another: A grandmother in Lugansk comforting her grandson during night-time bombings. 

Many: Christ is comforting alongside them.

One: Russian and Ukrainian soldiers look at each other through a machine gunpoint.

Many: Christ is looking alongside them.

Another:: People in line waiting at the Ukrainian-Polish border.

Many: Christ is waiting alongside them.

One: Explosions everywhere. Wounded in Ukraine’s east, west, south, and north.

Many: Christ is wounded alongside them.

Another: Coffins with 18-year-old boys, their mothers crying for their children.

Many: Christ is crying alongside them.

One: Hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing from Ukraine to Europe and Russia.

Many: Christ is traveling alongside them.

Another: Ukrainian men, women, and children rising to an unknown future.

Many: Christ is rising with them.

One: As members of the body of Christ, let us also

Many: Shelter, comfort, look, wait, sit, cry, travel – and rise alongside our Ukrainian 


Another:: As Christ embraces them, let us also embrace them.

All: God of Peace, God of Justice, we ask your protection and mercy for the people of 

Ukraine. We ask your wisdom for world leaders who act on their behalf. We ask your forgiveness when we have been idle. We ask for your courage to act. Amen.


Inspired by Bishop Khegay’s Facebook post, March 17, 2022, Written by Rev. Crystal R. Sygeel


VAUMC Conversation – Ukraine

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