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 The Post-Covid Re-entry Group (PRG) continues to find ways to assist local churches in their efforts to relaunch.
Connecting with local churches through webinar format is most effective. PRG hosted a monthly Wednesday afternoon webinar series, which was recorded and posted for future viewing for church leaders who were not able to attend afternoon sessions.  

Nov. 17 Webinar - Both/And: To be Continued
Oct. 27 Webinar - Preparing for Advent
Sept. 29 Webinar - A Time to Heal; Preparing for our churches to heal & All Saints Sunday
Sept. 8 Webinar - How ‘Simple Church’ can help in Relaunching

Evaluation & CEU Request Form


Sept. 1 Webinar - What does Relaunch Mean for the Small Church?

Evaluation & CEU Request Form

Reclaiming Rural: Discount Code for Allan’s Book, RLFANDF30 will get a 30% discount when ordering directly from the publisher. 

Relaunch Small Church Powerpoint


Aug. 25 Webinar - Preparing for a Post-COVID World


Evaluation and CEU request form


National Attendance Report


Books mentioned:  

 e-Vangelism: Creating and Implementing a Social Media Ministry for Outreach

The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters


Special Training on September 25, 2021

A conversation with pastors and deacons who have started impactful ministries over the past year on the following platforms: TikTok, podcasts, self-made apps, Geneva Chat, Twitch, Discord, Mighty Networks, Facebook Groups as a separate faith community and hashtag movements, along with looking more deeply at the theology of digital ministry and the reality of parasocial relationships.


Additional Resources 

•Stovall UMC- Radcliffe, KY- 57 AWA before covid- over 100 worship each week online with more in person:

•Two Rivers Church- Charleston, SC- 81 before worship now 200-400 in online worship

•Epworth UMC- Worcester, MA- 55 before covid- 70 worship live stream plus in-person attendance

•North Olmsted UMC- North Olmsted, OH- 86 before covid and over 400 watched their first service, still averaging over 100 views. for ideas on churches continuing online worship…

July Webinar - Back-to-church and Back-to-school
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