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The Virginia United Methodist Pensions, Inc. (VUMPI) office was recently made aware of a class action lawsuit against the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and certain Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.  A settlement has been reached, and the Association and the settling plans have agreed to establish a settlement fund. 

Individuals who were enrolled in self-funded health insurance plans administered by a settling plan between September 1, 2015 and October 16, 2020 may be entitled to receive a payment from the settlement fund.

Anthem has indicated the following:

“Anthem, along with other Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, recently agreed to settle a multi-district litigation brought by subscribers.  The Court issued preliminary approval of the settlement in November 2020, and now notification is being sent to members.  Members will be notified either by email or postcard, followed by a broad publicity campaign that includes TV, radio, publication and social media channels and will run through late May 2021. 

“Any questions regarding the settlement should be directed to one of the three resources shown below that have been established by Plantiffs’ counsel, and managed by claims administrator JND Legal Administration.

If you receive an email or postcard regarding this settlement, please feel free to file a claim via the instructions included in the notification.  If you have questions, please visit the settlement website or utilize the inquiry telephone number and email addresses above.  If any additional information is received about this settlement, the VUMPI office will distribute that information via Clergynet and Laitynet emails. 

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