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Before the COVID-19 crisis is over, nearly every church on earth will go through a period of closed facilities. Afterward, tens of thousands of United Methodist churches will re-open their facilities to the public. It will not be a return to normal, but a time of new beginnings and an opportunity for relaunching public ministry.  Given this unique moment, the Path 1 team convened a conversation with people in the United Methodist Church planting community to help reframe this moment as an opportunity for relaunch.

This one-hour video, created by Paul Nixon, a church planter and an international coach, and several other United Methodist leaders and planters, is intended to be watched with a team of leaders from a local church with a discussion guide provided for the team to work through various items as they think about what re-opening the church will look like.

Part One – Watch first 30 minutes, then discuss

Part Two – Watch next 15 minutes, then discuss

Part Three – Watch next 15 minutes, then discuss

The entire process can be done in about four hours and is suitable for a Zoom meeting.  It can be done in one sitting (Parts One – Three) or broken into two parts (Part One, Parts Two & Three).

To access the video and the downloadable discussion guide, please visit:

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