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My fondest memory every Christmas happened on Christmas Eve in the Lewis household. This special night was the time we gathered around the kitchen table to help my mother finish cooking her famous fruitcake in order to leave a slice for Santa. I must admit I was never an avid eater of mom’s fruitcake, but I couldn’t let her know that secret. I didn’t really like all the fruit ingredients but I loved the nuts and the aroma that lingered throughout the night.

When I was young, my mother would pour a little wine over the cake; so the cake wouldn’t dry out. My siblings and I would sneak a sip when she was not looking. Little did we know that’s why ALL of a sudden we would be deliriously sleepy. I’m not really sure if Mom knew we were sipping her wine, or if she used it as a method to send us to bed early. Only thing I remember is that one by one we would venture off to our rooms and wait in anticipation or Christmas morning

Peace and Blessings,
Bishop Sharma D. Lewis

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