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Virginia Conference Center PRG Guidelines

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Effective October 24, 2021

The high rate of fully vaccinated staff working at the Virginia Conference Center played an essential factor in not experiencing any incidents for the past couple of months. With more groups allowed to meet in the Virginia Conference Center, we are expecting each entity using the conference center to follow these guidelines.


Only fully vaccinated people may remove their masks among others. We still believe masking is a best practice, and ask people to mask when they are in cluster gatherings.

Meetings – All attendees in meetings are asked to wear masks. Fully vaccinated people may remove their masks while speaking.

Social distancing

People are asked to maintain proper social distancing in all settings of the conference center.


Personal hygiene products (hand sanitizer and signage) will be provided to encourage people to take responsibility for personal hygiene. High–touch areas, such as conference rooms, will continue to be sanitized.

Eating area and food preparation

The lunchroom in the conference center will continue to be open. We ask people to maintain proper social distancing while eating. Opening the door for better ventilation is recommended. Eating outside, when weather permits, is highly recommended. 

Individually packed lunches may be served for meetings that require eating.

Coffee and water may be served by having one person prepare. The person preparing coffee and water should do their best to limit any exposure. Using gloves and mask while preparing can help limit the potential spread.

People attending the meeting will be asked to use hand sanitizer before and after touching the coffee pot and water jugs. 

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