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The login page can be found at this address: We recommend you bookmark this website for easy access. All users will receive an email invitation from [email protected] to register their account for the first time. The email address associated with your account is your login. Should you forget which email address or your passwords, links are available on the login page to walk you through recovering that information.

This Registration Instruction Page (pdf) has easy to follow directions for registering your account and navigating the site. You may also email [email protected] or [email protected] if you have specific technical trouble. 

The United Methodist Candidate and Record Entry System (UMCARES) is a user based, automated and integrated web application for document submission and review, marking progress toward one or more stated goals. UMCARES was developed and is managed by GCFA. UMCARES Plus is a customizable extension which allows individual conferences to add their own tracks, expanding the system to other applications beyond certified candidacy.

 Within UMCARES, on the left menu panel, there is a section called “Available Resources.” Users will find materials there relevant to your role within the system. As training materials are developed, they will be added under your Available Resources and to this conference webpage.

All Users
Registration Instruction Page (pdf)
Uploading a File Instruction Page (pdf)
FAQs for All Users (pdf)
To add your profile photo:
When you log in, click on your name in the gray bar on the top. That will take you to your profile page. In the center of the page, in the teal box, click ‘Edit’. Then, the very first line says ‘Photo’ and you will want to click the teal button that says ‘Change’. Then you can browse your computer for a picture. When you click change the directions for size/type of picture will appear as well.

Candidates for ministry

Local Pastors

Candidacy Mentors
Candidate Level 1 Psychological Assessment Instructions (pdf)

DCOM Members and Officers
DCOM Member Instructions (pdf)
New User Wizard Instruction Page (pdf)
Training video – 15 minutes    
Time stamps: The video begins with an introduction to UMCARESplus, at 4:14 it walks through a basic search, at 5:29 it walks through an Inquiring candidate interviewing for admission, at 9:49 it walks through an Admitted candidate interviewing for certification, and finally at 13:05 it walks through a Licensed pastor interviewing for renewal.
UMCARES Training PowerPoint (pdf)

District Offices
District Office Reference Sheet (pdf)
Training video – 7 minutes 

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