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Start/Renew a Covenant
- Local Church/Church Group (Word) - $5 per missionary per member
- Individual or Family Participation (Word) - $500 per missionary per individual or family

Jesus said, "You will know them by their fruits" (Matthew 7:16 rsv); and the more than 900 United Methodist-supported missionaries are certainly recognizable for their fruits as they offer their gifts of health care, teaching, evangelism, refugee assistance, and congregational development in more than 70 countries around the world. By sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through their varied fruits of ministry, these missionaries help others to realize and develop their own gifts for self-reliance and service to others. Please choose a missionary from the list below. Click on their name to learn more about them.

Global Mission Fellows and
International Young Adult
Located in Virginia and Washington, DC
Christina Trager  
Amber Feezor

Serving from Virginia
Gregory Bishop, US-2 Missionary,
    Nome Alaska
Kimberly Bishop, US-2 Missionary,
    Nome, Alaska
Sarah Hundley, US-2 Missionary,
    Oklahoma City, OK   

Red Bird Mission
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Cambodia, Clara Biswas
Cambodia, Esther Karimi Gitobu
Chile, John Elmore
Congo, Jacques Akasa Umembudi
Congo, Poto Valentine Shutsha
U.S. Mission Advocate for SEJ, Nancy Robinson
U.S., Florida, Kim King Torres
U.S., Virginia, Donald Edwards
U.S., Virginia, Elizabeth 'Lisa' Nichols
U.S., Virginia, Rebecca Parsons
U.S., Virginia, Mark Stransky
U.S., Pat Watkins
Vietnam, Quynh-Hoa Nguyen
Zimbabwe, Jeremias Franca


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