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PRG Information

Accelerating the Return to In-Person Worship in the Virginia Conference

Effective May 28, 2021 an updated short and concise five-page Technical Assistance Manual (TAM) has the requirements for in-person worship.

Response to Updated Governor’s Order

PRG is asking all 1,175 churches to discern and make their own decisions as it relates to the relaxed face masking rule and the other relaxed rules that we expect to be in place on May 28, 2021.

Considerations for Mask Exemption during Indoor Preaching

Churches are asked to start the conversation to evaluate the circumstances in their local setting and to decide if unmasked indoor preaching is appropriate for their congregation.

Cabinet Response to May 13 CDC Guidelines

The Bishop and Cabinet along with the new Post-COVID ReEntry Group (PRG) will be reviewing our policies to see how the new guidelines might be incorporated in our approach.

Upcoming Transition/Indoor Singing Guidelines

During the month of June, churches will be invited to celebrate the work of the HCTs and bring them to a close while transitioning to local church Post-COVID Re-entry Groups.

Updates to in-person worship in the Virginia Conference

View an update from Bishop Lewis and the April 26 Post-Pandemic Ministry Webinar

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