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Pat Watkins, United States, Virginia


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Pat Watkins

The Rev. Pat Watkins is a missionary with the Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church serving as a Church and Community Worker in the Virginia Annual Conference as Executive Director, Caretakers of God’s Creation.

Pat’s faith journey began while being nurtured in a loving, faithful family. During high school and college he began to assimilate faith for himself, and after college Pat felt it was important to give back some of what others had given to him in respect to his faith journey. He became a youth counselor and scoutmaster, which led to his call to ministry three years later. Serving as a missionary to Nigeria continued the journey as Pat learned that we are basically the same all over the world, and relationship-based ministry works everywhere.


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Although he enjoyed God’s creation through various outdoor activities, the Rev. Watkins never described himself as an environmentalist, nor thought he would focus his life and career on a specific mission to God’s creation. Serving in Nigeria changed that as Pat and wife, Denise Honeycutt, while living in an isolated village that had no electricity, telephone or running water, learned to live more connected to the cycles of the earth than ever before.

”Nigeria has a rainy and a dry season each year. We ate mangoes when they were in season. When they weren’t we didn’t eat them; we couldn’t go to the grocery store and buy mangoes from South America, for example. Our trips to the big city to buy supplies had to occur during the dry season because it was physically impossible to get in and out of our village during the rainy season.” Not only did they learn they could live that way, Pat began to feel as if there were something wonderful about it, something sacred. As a result he asked himself a very fundamental question, “Is there a connection between my faith as a Christian and this feeling of relationship to the earth?”

Pat embarked on a quest to answer that question. With a background in theology, he enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University to pursue a master’s in Environmental Science with an emphasis on theology. And he has answered that question with a resounding ‘yes’ – there is definitely a connection between his faith as a Christian and his relationship to God’s creation.

Born in North Carolina, Pat attended North Carolina State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He received his Master of Divinity from Duke University and was ordained an elder in the Virginia Annual Conference in 1990. Pat served as a pastor in the conference prior to his service with the Board of Global Ministries. Pat and Denise served in Nigeria from 1995-1998 and as Mission Interpreters in Residence for the Southeastern Jurisdiction from 1999-2002.

Pat and Denise, also an ordained elder in the Virginia Annual Conference, attend Centenary UMC in Richmond, VA.

Pat Watkins is available for Covenant Relationship support in Virginia Annual Conference. 



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