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Office of Justice and Missional Excellence

All of creation is both wounded and full of promise. That includes all of us Christians who are Christ’s body in the world. Through the love and grace of Jesus Christ God calls us to care for “the least of these,” proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to respond to what God requires of us through seeking justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with our creator.

Justice for all, especially “the least of these,” is fundamental to God’s call on our lives. There is no way to separate what we do missionally to care for those who are wounded, hungry, homeless, or marginalized from God’s call to address the societal causes of their wounding (as well as our own). The office for Justice and Missional Excellence seeks to provide opportunities for United Methodists in Virginia to serve God’s call on our lives to stand, care, and serve together with those who are wounded by our world. Through the Conference Boards of Global Ministries and Church and Society and their teams and committees the center works to identify needs and resources in social justice and mission.