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I have a very nice black robe that is free to whomever needs one and who is tall enough to wear it. It’s made by Abbot Hall in black tailor material and has black brocade panels on either side of the zipper. The right side has a pocket, the left side has a slit for getting to a microphone. The hem is weighted with a heavy fringe. My initials are in it, they could probably be picked out with a seam ripper if wanted. It needs dry cleaning for the next wearer. The size is small, the length is 55” inches- I was 5’9 when ordered. 

 I also have 3 deacon stoles, free to a deacon. The “Children of the World” stole is actually an elder stole that was gifted to me. I hand stitched into a deacon stole, it can easily be turned back into an elder stole.

Lastly, I have two portable communion sets. They are also free. They are a little worn on the outside but inside still very serviceable. Pictures attached as well.
Anyone interested in these items will need to pick up at my home in Richmond. You can email me at [email protected] or text me at (804) 366-2614.
~Val White

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