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As we enter flu season, with rising numbers of COVID-19 cases, we strongly encourage everyone who is able to receive the flu vaccine. Each year influenza causes serious, sometimes life-threatening illness, requiring hospitalization.

The concern this year is that the increasing rate of travel and mobility makes it easier for both viruses to transmit. If one were to become infected with both viruses, the illness could be much more severe. Additionally, by preventing cases of flu, we cut down the number of hospitalizations due to flu. As our hospitals and health care facilities are faced with the rising challenge of COVID-19 care, it is so important to minimize the need for care of flu infections.

We ask churches to encourage members to get their flu vaccinations. If your church can host a vaccination event for the flu shot, please find a way to organize a community event. Remind members that we are doing everything we can to ‘do no harm’ to others!

Please get your flu vaccine! And encourage your church members to do the same. For more information on the flu vaccine visit this link from the Centers for Disease Control:

—Dr. Karen McElfish, PRG team

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