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View Annual Conference Registration Tutorial by Bryan Compton, IT Manager
Email questions to [email protected]

All Annual Conference clergy and lay members need to register from September 2- September 9, 2020, in order to participate fully in the virtual September 19 session.

The conference office appreciates the annual conference body meeting this deadline in order to streamline getting log-in and credentialing information for all official Virginia Annual Conference members from the Annual Conference IT service management vendor, Option Technologies.

This specialized log-in and credentialed information will allow only official clergy and lay members to access the virtual Bar of the Conference and will verify attendance.

Registration emails were sent to all lay and clergy members on Sept. 2. Please check your email to register! If you did not receive a registration email, please send a message to [email protected]

On September 2, all Annual Conference clergy and lay members will receive an email prompting them to register for the conference. In the email will be a link where members will enter their names and record their attendance for the September 19 virtual Annual Conference session.

Active clergy are required to register with their email addresses. Lay members need to register with the email address they have on file with the conference office.

This is a firm deadline and all members must register within this timeframe or risk not being able to fully participate in the virtual Annual Conference session.

Ways to prepare for virtual Annual Conference session

With the virtual, one-day Annual Conference session scheduled for September 19, 2020, Annual Conference members may have a number of questions prior to this event from logistical questions such as how to vote during the session to questions on reports being shared.

To prepare, members should first be on the lookout for the Book of Reports mailing which was mailed out mid-August. An online version of the publication is also available on the conference website:

As well there are three opportunities for members to engage in prior to the virtual session.

1. Annual Conference Orientation

This prerecorded video is available to the district offices for district training events and for conference-wide use.

This video has: a greeting from Bishop Lewis; instructions on how members and visitors to the session can access the event; an explanation of member participation and voting; an overview of the agenda; and reports from Pensions and the Council on Finance and Administration (CFA).  

 2. Live Annual Conference 2020 Q& A session – You may watch this video after the event by clicking on the link

Still have questions or concerns following the September 4 orientation? Join the Rev. Dr. Ted Smith, conference director of Connectional Ministries, and Bryan Compton, conference IT manager, to answer any questions on Tuesday, September 8 from 7-8 p.m. Questions may be submitted beforehand to [email protected]. Access the event at

John Fuller, VUMPI executive director, and David Dommisse, conference treasurer, will also take part to answer any questions from their respective reports.

3.  Practice Annual Conference sessions

Bryan Compton, conference IT manager, will hold two practice sessions for Annual Conference on Monday, September 14 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday, September 18 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Members are highly encouraged to take part in one or both of these sessions.

Links to the practice sessions will be released to members’ emails either the day before or the day of the practice sessions by Option Technologies, the Annual Conference IT service management vendor.

Please log on early to join in. If you have technical issues during the practice sessions, please email [email protected] to get assistance so you are ready and able to participate during the September 19 session.

On the conference website, view a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to learn more about our Annual Conference 2020 session.

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