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Results of voting on Petitions 2, 11 and 14
The next item was for a resolution that was postponed from last year. Mochel Morris, resolutions committee chair, asked for suspension of the rules for a time of Holy Conferencing for Petitions 2, 11 and 14 dealing with human sexuality. The body did not vote to suspend the rules. Petition 2 calls for "Additional Definition for Self-Avowal." Petition 11 asks for a "Mandatory Penalty for Violation of Par. 2702.1(b)." Petition 14 states:  Therefore, be it resolved that the Virginia Annual Conference petition the 2016 General Conference of the United Methodist Church to delete the sentence found in ¶ 161F of the 2012 Book of Discipline that states, “The United Methodist Church does not condone the practice of homosexuality and considers this practice incompatible with Christian teaching.”

The Rev. Fran Cooper moved that a written ballot be taken for Petitions 2, 11 and 14. This was approved by conference members.
People were not required to vote on all three petitions for a valid ballot. The results of the balloting are:
Petition 2 -- 838 yes; 961 no; 96 abstentions. (1895 total)
Petition 11 -- 811 yes; 994 no; 96 abstentions. (1901 total)
Petition 14 -- 989 yes; 868 no; 40 abstentions; (1897 total)

Four ballots were ruled to be invalid.

The full texts of all Petitions can be found in the Book of Reports beginning on page 158.


Virginia churches observe day of prayer for GC 2016

The United Methodist Council of Bishops invited each annual conference to designate one day to hold a 24-hour prayer vigil for General Conference. Bishop Young Jin Cho selected Sunday, April 10, to be the day for the Virginia Conference prayer vigil. Each district was invited to plan activities using resources being developed on both the conference and general church levels. More ...

Information about General Conference

General Conference Preview Video - Big decisions will be made for the denomination at General Conference 2016 in Portland, Ore. Learn from some of the Virginia delegates about General Conference, how they are preparing and its importance. Click here to watch.

For information and news updates about 2016 General Conference, go to www.umc.org/topics/general-conference-2016.

For a summary of the major legislative issues to be dealt with at 2016 General conference, go to www.umc.org/who-we-are/general-conference-2016-major-legislative-issues.

The denomination's Connectional Table launched a series of weekly videos to help inform United Methodist church leaders and General Conference delegates leading up to the 2016 General Conference next May. The videos are part of an online forum called #CTTalks and are designed to be used by delegations and annual conferences as they study and discuss issues that will be addressed at General Conference 2016. Click here for more information.

Exploring General Conference is a free, online course that allows participants to explore — at their own pace — how General Conference operates. Click here for more information.

Virginia Conference elects delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conference

The Virginia Conference is sending 22 delegates to the 2016 General Conference (11 clergy and 11 laity) and an additional 11 clergy and 11 laity will join General Conference delegates for the 2016 Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference. The delegates were elected during the 2015 session of the Virginia Annual Conference held June 19-21, 2015, in Roanoke.

The Virginia Conference and the North Georgia Conference each have 22 delegates to General Conference, the most from any conferences in the United States. The only conferences with larger delegations are from Africa. North Katanga, Congo, will have 48 delegates, and Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa, will have 34.

Martha Stokes serves as laity head of the delegation. You can reach her at MarthaEStokes@gmail.com. The Rev. Tom Berlin is clergy head of the delegation. You can reach him at tomberlin@vaumc.org or tberlin@florisumc.org

General Conference Elected Clergy: General Conference Elected Laity:
  1. Tom Berlin   1. Martha Stokes
  2. Meredith McNabb   2. Warren Harper
  3. Denise Honeycutt   3. Shirley Cauffman
  4. Clarence Brown   4. Nathaniel L. Bishop
  5. Tammy Estep   5. Virginia Greer
  6. Ted Smith   6. Darlene Amon
  7. Ileana Rosario   7. Joyce Winston
  8. Peter Moon   8. Gene Mims
  9. Kendall Soulen   9. Beth Christian
10. Mark Ogren 10. Alison Malloy
11. Rob Vaughn 11. Marshall Bailey
SEJ Conference Elected Clergy: SEJ Conference Elected Laity:
  1. Seonyoung Kim   1. Willard Douglas
  2. Keith Boyette   2. Olivia Hinton
  3. Bob Cooper   3. Larry Burian
  4. Alex Joyner   4. Neill Caldwell
  5 .Beth Givens   5. Jacob Paysour
  6. Tommy Herndon   6. Michael Monge
  7. Marc Brown   7. Vicki A. Boger
  8. Jason Stanley   8. Virginia Turner
  9. Jeffrey Mickle   9. Brenda Brooks
10. Greg West 10. Aimee Hong
11. R. Bruce Johnson  11. Rachel Wright
 Alternates: Alternates:
  1. Brenda Biler   1. Zach Ferguson
  2. Alan Combs   2. Lori Valentine de Segovia
  3. Thomas Barnard   3. Nancy Yarborough
  4. Won Un   4. Nina Winkler
  5. David McAlister-Wilson   5. Carlos Liceaga
  6. Kathleen Overby Webster   6. Joel Joyner
  7. Ed Walker  
  8. David Rash   
  9. John D. Copenhaver   
  9. Paulo DaSilva  

 Click here to download a contact list of delegates (pdf)


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