2015 Annual Conference

June 19-21
The Berglund Center
Roanoke, VA

Wrap-up News Report

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Daily News Reports (Includes Election Results and Daily Advocates)

Daily Proceedings (Posted 7/17/15) - pdf

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Bishop Cho statement about Annual Conference petition

The 2015 session of the Virginia Annual Conference will be held at The Berglund Center (formerly the Roanoke Civic Center) in Roanoke, VA, June 19-21. Theme of this year's Annual Conference is “From Members to Disciples.”


Bishop Young Jin Cho has announced that retired Bishop Charlene Kammerer will preach for the Saturday morning mission service and Saturday evening ordination service. The Rev. Young Bong Kim of Korean United Methodist Church of Greater Washington will preach for the memorial service. Bishop Cho will preach for Sunday morning worship.


Teacher for Annual Conference will be the Rev. Tim Bias, General Secretary for the General Board of Discipleship.

This year Annual Conference will elect delegates to the 2016 General Conference and 2016 Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference. (Click here for more information about election of delegates.) Electronic voting devices will be used for the first time. (Click here to view video on how to use the electronic voting devices.) Because of the time required for voting, conference will begin earlier than usual. Laity and Clergy sessions will be held Friday from 10 a.m. to noon. The opening plenary session will begin at 2 p

Pre-Conference Activities

Memorial Booklet (Posted 7/22/15) - pdf

Annual Conference registration to open at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, June 18
This year's Annual Conference registration desk will be open 12:30 to 8 p.m. Thursday, June 18; 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, June 19; and 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, June 20. Clergy and Laity sessions will begin at 10 a.m. Friday, June 19. Because of the need to assign and distribute electronic voting devices, Annual Conference members who are in Roanoke on Thursday are encouraged to register on that day. Others are encouraged to register as early as possible on Friday.

Click here for the Agenda for the 2015 Annual Conference session (pdf)

Consent Agenda
The 2015 Annual Conference Consent Agenda is now available by clicking here (pdf). The Consent Agenda includes items and reports not requiring action by the Annual Conference other than a vote to receive them. According to Conference Rules, a minimum of 30 members of Annual Conference may request removal of an item from the Consent Agenda. Forms to request removal of items from the Consent Agenda will be at the front of the stage at Annual Conference and must be returned to the “secretarial inbox” at the corner of the stage by 3:30 p.m. Friday, June 19.

Alternate Members to Annual Conference
Beginning May 1, if your church/charge has a change in Annual Conference member, you will need to contact Brenda Capen by email (BrendaCapen@vaumc.org) with that person's name, address, email, district and the name of the church/charge which they represent. They will also need to include a completed ALTERNATE LAY MEMBER form, signed by their Church Council Chairperson or Charge Conference Secretary, which may be scanned and included in the email. The form is available by clicking here (pdf). If the original member has received their Book of Reports packet, we ask that it be passed on to the alternate member. Packets will be mailed at the end of the week of May 11. Changes may be marked on the registration card and a new name badge will be mailed to the alternate member. If a change occurs after June 10, bring the completed and signed ALTERNATE LAY MEMBER form and the original packet to the Registration Help Desk at Annual Conference and your name badge and registration card will be printed there.

Annual Conference Offering
This year the Annual Conference special offering goal is $150,000. Bishop Young Jin Cho is requesting funds to support three projects.
Click here for more information.
Click here to download an informational bulletin insert (pdf)

Holy Conferencing for General Conference petitions (Updated June 3, 2015)
Thank you for your responses to the email sent out on May 22 about the proposal for a time of holy conferencing on petitions related to human sexuality. In light of some of the questions asked, the proposal is slightly altered. In the motion to suspend the rules, the Resolutions Committee will propose that the primary maker/signer of the petition will have two minutes to summarize why he or she believes this petition is important and should be adopted by the Annual Conference to send to the General Conference. Also, we will also propose that only three petitions will be considered in the time of holy conferencing, and subsequently voted upon in a written ballot. Petition #8, titled “Expedited Exit,” while it arises out of concern over the issue of human sexuality, primarily is a question aimed at the Trust Clause for church property. As such, it merits its own process of discernment rather than being lumped in with other petitions.
The Committee on Resolutions has prayerfully considered these changes (in red) to our previous statement. 
In light of the charged nature of discussions around the issue of human sexuality, and the limited time available, since the election of lay and clergy delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conferences is the top priority, the Resolutions Committee will recommend that the Rules be suspended to allow a time of holy conferencing on all the General Conference petitions dealing with human sexuality (Petitions 2, 11, and 14).  
This time of holy conferencing in smaller groups of six will allow fairness in that all persons will have a voice for two minutes each in an atmosphere of prayer, facilitated by the Chair of the Resolutions Committee, Mochel Morris. Preceding the work of the smaller groups, the primary maker/signers of the three petitions will have two minutes to summarize why he or she believes this petition is important and should be adopted by the Annual Conference to send to the General Conference. Following this time of holy conferencing, a written ballot will be received that includes all three petitions.  The written ballot will also allow all persons to vote by their own conscience as they hear God’s Spirit leading them without concern for what any others around them may think.
The motion to suspend the rules will be made on Saturday afternoon during the time allotted for dealing with resolutions and petitions. If the motion is successful, the time for holy conferencing will be on Sunday morning following the Bible study and the report of the Minutes Committee with an Order of the Day being set for the Reports of the Statistician, Treasurer, and Council on Finance and Administration at 10:00 a.m.  The written ballot would follow immediately upon completion of the conferencing process.

Wi-Fi and voting times
To ensure the electronic voting devices operate as efficiently as possible, Wi-Fi inside the Berglund Center coliseum will be turned off. Everyone will also be asked to turn off or put in “airplane mode” all Wi-Fi-enabled devices (cell phones, hot spots, tablets, laptops, etc.) during voting times.

Live Streaming of Annual Conference
Sessions of the Annual Conference will be live streamed beginning at 10 a.m. Friday, June 19, at http://livestream.com/VAUMC/AC2015

Closing Worship Service Bulletin
Local churches may show the live video of the Annual Conference worship service during their Sunday morning worship services and participate by following the liturgy for the service. Click here to download the bulletin (pdf)

DVD Orders
Virginia United Methodist Communications will be selling DVDs of conference highlights. Click here for details. 

Annual Conference artwork to be auctioned to benefit Imagine No Malaria
Artists from across the conference have created a number of pieces of original art to be used to enhance worship experiences during this year's Annual Conference. These works of art will be available to purchase at an online auction. One hundred percent of the proceeds will benefit Imagine No Malaria. If your Sunday school room needs a new, vibrant piece of art, or if you would like a special gift for a retiring pastor or a new ordinand, you might consider bidding on one of these original pieces. Bidding is open from Monday, May 18, to 7 p.m. Saturday, June 20. To see the art, read about each piece and the artist who created it and make a bid, go to www.artvaumc.org.

Book of Reports
Click here to download a copy of this year's Book of Reports (pdf)

Annual Conference members urged to bring '4 Cans 4 Conference'
Those attending 2015 Annual Conference are encouraged to bring at least four cans of food or boxes of dry food to the session in Roanoke for “4 Cans 4 Conference.” Requested are: one can of vegetables or fruit, one can of meat or fish, one can of soup or stew and one can with a pop-top. All gifts will benefit local services for the hungry in the Berglund Center area. The 2015 Annual Conference goal is 10,000 pounds of canned and dry/staple foods. Donations should be brought to the 24-foot U-Haul truck parked near the Kits Collection trucks at the far end of the Berglund Center Parking Lot A, near the intersection of Williamson Road and Orange Ave. (across from the Sheetz gas station). Please do not deliver the canned goods inside the Berglund Center. Click here to download a promotional flyer (pdf)

Child care at Annual Conference
Annual Conference 2015 childcare has reached its capacity and is now CLOSED.
Childcare location has been moved to:
Thrasher Memorial UMC, 707 East Washington Ave., Vinton, VA 24179
Parents of registered children have been notified. Restrictions regarding staff/child ratios prevent the acceptance of walk-ins.

Parent resources onsite at Berglund Center
The “Parents’ Place” will be available onsite at the Berglund Center (located in the Media Room of the Center, down a ramp located under Gate 11). This is a room available for parents to play with, rock, change and feed children. It has rocking chairs, cribs, changing tables, play mats, some toys, a TV and DVD player. NOTE: This area is not staffed. You are responsible for your child(ren) in this area. Questions can be directed to the Roanoke District office at (540) 989-3335 or Dan Elmore at danelmore@vaumc.org or (804) 898-1765 (cell).

Annual Conference attendees offered discounts at area restaurants
The Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau is offering all those attending this year's Annual Conference session in Roanoke an invitation to participate in Virginia's Blue Ridge Badge (VBRB) discount program. The VBRB program offers meeting attendees the opportunity to receive special offers and discounts at various restaurants throughout the Roanoke Valley. All they have to do is show participating businesses their conference badge. To view current offers and participants, visit the VBRB webpage.

Computer-Assisted Notetaking
Individuals are needed who can offer their time and talent in communicating the spoken word to persons who need computer assisted note-taking during Annual Conference. Assistance is needed to type text of reports, worship and music using Microsoft Word, at times as the speaker is presenting. Good typing speed and accuracy is a must! Individuals will be needed for all sessions for shifts of one hour or longer. Further information is available from the Office of Inclusivity and Lay Leadership Excellence at 1-800-768-6040 ext.154 or (804) 521-1154 or by e-mail at CherylEdleyWorford@vaumc.org

Volunteers needed
There are many volunteer opportunities during Annual Conference. The Roanoke District has created a Sign Up Genius page to help coordinate volunteer efforts. If you are interested in signing up, click here.

List of scheduled banquets (pdf)
If you are planning a Banquet for this year's Annual Conference and would like to have your event listed in the Conference Banquet Schedule, please forward the following information to the Annual Conference Banquet Coordinator at michaelreaves@vaumc.org or mail it to the address below.
1) The Name of your group or gathering
2) The Date and Time
3) The Location
4) Contact Information for those who may want more information
If you need assistance planning your banquet, please fill out the  "Banquet Request Form" (Word or pdf file) and forward it also. Michael Reaves, 8330 Fletcher's Chapel Rd., King George, VA 22485; (540) 775-7247 (church); (757) 653-8537 (cell)
Click here to download a pdf Banquet Request Form
Click here to download a Word Banquet Request Form

Housing Letter
Click here to download 2015 housing information (pdf)

Virtual Promo Packet
Click here to view the Virtual Promo Packet
In an effort to be good stewards of the environment and financial resources of the conference, the annual conference “promo packets” will again this year be virtual. Electronic copies of materials previously submitted in hard copy for the tote bag will be accepted – at no cost to the organizations submitting them – for inclusion in the Virtual Promo Packet. Organizations wishing to disseminate their information in a hard-copy format may arrange for a display table at the Berglund Center by contacting Joanna Paysour at (540) 989-3673 or JoannaPaysour@vaumc.org. See below for display guidelines and a display request form. Information for the Virtual Promo Packet needs to be submitted in pdf format to the office of Connectional Ministries (BevMyers@vaumc.org) for approval by Friday, May 22.

Click here to download guidelines for displays (pdf)
Click here to download Display Space request (pdf)
Click here to download Display Space request (Word Form)

Kits for Conference
Click here for information about kits being collected at this year's Annual Conference.

Per Diem Voucher and EFT Payment Information Request for Annual Conference
By conference action, retirees, persons receiving their first appointment, and eligible others listed in the Book of Reports are authorized to receive reimbursement for expenses to attend Annual Conference, not to exceed $100 per day and subject to limitations of conference approved rates. Vouchers can be obtained by clicking here (pdf). The Conference Treasurer’s office is encouraging all reimbursements to be made by direct deposit. Instructions are attached to the voucher to make provisions for direct deposit. Vouchers will not be accepted after July 31. 





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