cleaning buckets

Join VAUMC challenge for cleaning kits

UMCOR Supply Depots are close to disbursing all their stored cleaning kits to impacted areas around the nation. These kits are vital in the cleanup that follows flooding, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

UMCOR needs our help!

In 2017, VAUMC responded to a similar call and collected 4,676 cleaning kits, estimated at $350,700. The VAUMC AC Kit team will hold another event on November 10, 2022 with the goal of collecting 4,677 Cleaning kits by November.

Together the Virginia Conference can make a huge impact through the collection and creation of these kits. If every church contributes just four (4) kits or 585 kits per district, we can reach this goal. Please join us!

Find all the information you need at the conference website.


Join the challenge
(#vaumc #BeUMC #thatsourchurch #2022cleaningkit #storyworthsharing)
and share your pictures with the conference Communications Office ([email protected] between now and November.


Find resources
Go to the conference website for instructions and overall conference kit collection response.

Use cleaning kit video to learn what goes into UMCOR cleaning kits.

Instructions to put together kit can be found here...


In November,
see the impact the VAUMC has together in mission.
#thatsourchurch #BeUMC

Get involved

Explain at your church what UMCOR is. Challenge your church to take part by creating cleaning kits by the deadline.

Get children involved

Show what goes into a cleaning kit during your children's moment.

"God so loved the world that God gave the son, Jesus. It’s hard to measure love like that, isn’t it? It’s so much love. And Jesus showed us how to share that kind of love by doing good things for others. We
are created to do good things. Our church has another opportunity to do a good thing by sharing God’s love with people
who are going through a hard time by creating what are called cleaning kits. These kits will help clean up after floods, hurricanes and tornadoes. Let's put one together."

Prayer: "Thank you, God for sending Jesus to show us how to love others by doing the good things you created us to do. Bless this cleaning kit and the people who receive it. Help them to know how much love is packed into it. Amen."

A story of impact

Did you know that UMCOR has now received more than $27 million to help people affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

Share this fact with during your church's offering that the UMC and its members can do BIG things together.

UMCOR comes alongside those who suffer from natural or human-caused disasters – be it famine, hurricane, war, flood, fire or other events—to alleviate suffering and to be a source of help and hope for those left most vulnerable. They provide relief, response and long-term recovery grants when these events overwhelm a community’s ability to recover on their own. UMCOR also provides technical support and training for partners to address emerging and ongoing issues related to disaster relief, recovery, and long-term health and development.
"That's Our Church" will be a monthly email sent out across the Virginia Conference to share good news and mission from The United Methodist Church.
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